“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Sahastra Urja is fully committed for sustainability of the planet. We at Sahastra Urja believe that the present era is the most challenging for the existence of the humanity on the planet. We had never ever seen such a explosion in the human population ever before and the whole humanity is now connected by information and transpiration. This connected humanity demands more and more resources for comfortable and pleasant life that planet many not be able to provide, at least not for very long.

That’s why at Sahastra Urja, we develop the solutions for the new human and core value of humanity that can scale for the whole world still keep planet sustainable. With the concept of sense of responsibility to planet and owing resources for future humanity, Sahastra Urja is first of its kind company to offer Research & Development for clean energy products on variety of given problems, solutions space, ideas or concepts for the world market. We have exclusive dedicated team committed with great industrial experience in research & development for designing new products.


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